Summer at Lipno

Lipno is thriving and there are increasingly more and more opportunities on how to enjoy your summer holiday. Since we want you to enjoy your entire stay at our Hotel Albatros, we have prepared for you all sorts of activities and trips that you can undertake in the region.

In-line rollerblading trail

The lake in-line rollerblading trail at Lipno is one of the most beautiful ones in the Czech Republic. And why, you ask? The entire trail runs along the shore of the Lipno Dam and presents a view of the water’s surface as well as the nearby picturesque village. The trail has been extended all the way to the town of Přední Výtoň; therefore, you can comfortably set out right from the Hotel Albatros. The trail ends in Frymburk; the section between Lipno nad Vltavou and Frymburk (measuring 9.5 km) has lighting. The entire trail is 19 km long and if you want to travel from the hotel to Frymburk, you can use the ferry to Frýdava, from where a local road leads to Přední Výtoň with very light traffic.

Swimming and fishing

One of the beautiful spots for swimming at Lipno is located directly by the Hotel Albatros. There is nothing simpler than to step out onto the patio and have access to the water right from the hotel gardens, or to take advantage of the sandy beach right next to the hotel.

Among other things, Lipno is also a fisherman’s paradise. Why? Because the dam was never completely drained since its construction and so you can find really beautiful and large catches. At the same time, there is a very varied composition of fish species here. Fishing is possible only after purchasing a fishing permit.


Do you want to discover the magic of the Lipno landscape and its monuments? Don’t hesitate to explore this area on your own two feet – numerous beautiful views of the dam and the surrounding Šumava countryside await you.

Vítkův hrádek (Vitus’ Castle)

distance from the hotel 0 km I trail 7 km

Starting directly from the Hotel Albatros, you can set out to the nearby Vítkův hrádek, also known as Vítkův kámen (Vitus’ rock). It is a ruin today, but a venue for various cultural events. An observation deck stands at the top, which gives you a beautiful view of the Lipno Dam and Šumava. Leaving Přední Výtoň, set out along the red hiking trail in the direction of Svatý Tomáš (St. Thomas) and that will lead you to Vítkův hrádek. You can extend your hike and learn something new with the educational nature trail leading around Vítkův hrádek. A refreshment stand is open during summer months, allowing you to fuel up before heading back.

Schwarzenberg Canal

distance from the hotel 50 km I trail 9 km

A very interesting technical monument as well as a beautiful walk through Šumava’s landscape is the trail leading along the Schwarzenberg Canal. This canal was constructed for driving timber from inaccessible locations in the Šumava landscape. We strongly recommend following the educational nature trail along the 9-kilometre-long hike. You can park your car at the car park by Jelení Vrchy (Deer Hills), where the trail begins. Thanks to the undemanding terrain, the trail is suitable for everybody.

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Saint Wolfgang Waterfalls

distance from the hotel 9.5 km I trail (loop) 12 km

The Saint Wolfgang Waterfalls are located on the way to Vyšší Brod. They are rather tall cascades that make a remarkable impression when the water flow is greater. Drive to Loučovice and then walk along the yellow hiking trail, which will lead you right to the waterfalls. Here, you merge onto the Opatská (Monk) trail (I and II), which will take you back to Loučovice via a nice trail. You will encounter other sights along the way.

Cycling trails

Are you looking for a cycling paradise? Then Southern Bohemia is just the place. You can ride your bike along five marked interconnected trails around Lipno. So, there is no problem to shorten or extend your trip. At the same time, these trails merge with the network of Austrian cycling trails on the border at five locations. Select one of the trails listed on the page below and discover Šumava’s beauty from your saddle of your bike.

Bike park

Do you like bike riding and adrenaline? Then the Lipno Bike park is just what you need. Take the Promenádní (Promenade) lift all the way up to the top of Slupečný vrch. You can choose from three routes, whose combined distance totals 8 km. Both beginners as well as experience matadors will enjoy themselves.

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Forest Kingdom – Family park

A newly constructed and unique forest playground is only a stone’s throw from the Treetop Walkway; therefore, close to Lipno nad Vltavou. If you are looking for a place that the whole family can enjoy, then the Forest Kingdom is the place to be. Dozens of attractions await you – you can play and test your physical skills. The park’s creators were inspired by life in the forest; not only will you have loads of fun, but you will also learn to recognise animal tracks, trees and many other interesting facts.

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Adventure Golf

For all those that like combine fun and untraditional experiences, we recommend Adventure Golf in Lipno nad Vltavou. It is an 18-hole golf course, which is set in the beautiful environment of botanical gardens. You will pass by ponds, waterfalls all the while being surrounded by rich flora. The game is not physically demanding and is suitable for children ages 3 and older.

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